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The first entry in our "5 minutes of horror" series. Enjoy.


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good idea

This game is really good. The jumpscares were predicable though but it still keeps you on edge. The breathing was a nice touch. I was really afraid to turn around to see if the guy was still following me. A nice short game. I hope you start to create longer horrors in the future but if not then keep to what you are doing. I made a halloween special on this game. I hope you enjoy. 

Really enjoyed this one! It was short and sweet, but the tension was there the entire time! Awesome job on this!

Hey Travie Trav, thank you for the playthrough!

No problem at all! I can't wait for the next project!

loved the game! It was short and definitely scared me I wasn't sure exactly what was going on but overall a great experience. If you watch it let me know if I missed anything I feel like I didnt complete it all. 

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Great first entry into a cool idea for a series! I love short indie games, so I'll follow you and look forward to the next stuff you make for this 5 minute thing you're doing!

I'm not sure if I finished this one or not, but I couldn't find anything else. I enjoyed what I saw, though! Keep it up :D (Loved the enemies movements lol)


Ever wanted to experience the nightmares of dogs?

Of course the answer is YES!

Then play Just Before The Swarm its a fantastically neat little horror game that packs some real terror.

This was really well done! It's awesome to see that there are developers out there who can squeeze so much horror into a five minute window. It reminds me of older games that only took about 3-5 minutes to complete but still scared the pants off of me! The character models and story blew me away. The ambiance and visuals were pretty great and the game ran extremely smooth. I absolutely love the VHS style graphics on games recently, so that is a definite plus. I can't wait to see more of your "5 minutes of horror" series games! Thanks for making this!

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New version is up.Had a little time this evening so I built out some of the map and added this:

There was/is one problem with a few persistent variables on level restart. Not being able to crack it at the moment, I chose to application quit the game on death. Not the best, but the fix will have to wait for another day.

For a 5 minute game i really enjoyed it! I love the VHS style, i feel this game makes you think! I hope you guys make a part 2? :)

Hey MilkandSocks, thanks for the review and the nice words! Really enjoyed your analysis!

Odd game, unsure if 5 minutes is long enough to really immerse a person in a new game or game universe, I think that's the downfall to the game, as the 'atmosphere' is fine but the time likely isn't a favorable factor.

Thanks for the video! Glad you think it was odd as that was one of the goals. Sorry about the short playtime – I started out with a hard stop at 24 hours and was committed to posting the results – good, bad, or indifferent. 

hey this was a strange game to play to say the least nice scare wasn't expecting it would like to see this expanded in the future but not bad at  all not so much a fan of the vhs style personally though 

im a small YouTuber so a like subscribe even just watching the video goes a long way 

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Hi Crimsontide, thanks for the playthrough! We watched, shared, and liked your video.  Happy to hear you thought it was a strange game,  that's the vibe we were shooting for.

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