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Made a video

I love the vhs effects. Nice and creepy game!


WHO'S FEELING HUNGRY? also fantastic short horror btw



this was an interesting and fun game! Could be really cool as a full game!

Thanks for playing!

WE ARE ON THE MENU! | Ribeye Charlie's Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I loved this! The gameplay was just challenging enough to make it fun without being overly frustrating and I adored the VHS-style visuals. The atmosphere was charming and the cowpeople were hilariously creepy. I'll absolutely be keeping an eye out for more of your five-minute horrors, great job!

Thanks for the review and support, much appreciated!!

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D

A very neat, short horror game. It's a very neat idea to have the character come back after hours and realize somethings wrong. 

Loved the design and the VHS style of visuals, really reminded me of Puppet Combo style games. Unfortunately I played it before the recent update which fixed the obstacle avoidance but I still had fun, and those cows are terrifying. Thanks for the game

Thanks for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Sorry about the bugs. At least the update gave us the chance to bring Charlie back to the maze!👨🏻‍🍳

Had a little bit of a bug that could use a fixin' maybe but otherwise, needs maybe more potent horror

Thanks for the play through! Yeah, this version has an obstacle avoidance and screen ratio bug which didn't present itself while testing. Expect to see a new version to fix these issues.

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